Hi! I'm Dhruvin

Computer Science Graduate student at Lakehead University, Canada. Passionate to work in the field of a data science. Also exploring the financial market & investing.

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Email: dhruvindonda2000@gmail.com

Phone: +1 807 357 9393

What i do

My work area

Model Building

Building a machine learning models

Impliment a deep learning architectures

Data Processing

Data Cleaning

Data Transformation

Data Analysis

Data visualization

Data Presentaion


Checkout a few of my projects


Rainfall Parameterization

A machine learning model for estimation of rainfall using and trained on the data of AWS(autimatic weather station) sensor by ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization).


Ventilation Capacity of Structure

Calculates ventilation capacity of building based on 6 parameters of building structure such as wall area,floor area,etc using various machine learning algorithm


Early Foliar Disease Detection

Early foliar diseases detection for apple. Model detetcts the diseases such scab, rush from the leaf of the apple. Using this farmer are able to identify diseases early then able to take action according disease


Leaf Segmentation

Removing background and noise from the photo of leaves and segmenting the leaves using U-Net Architecture.


Website Classifier

Scraping the data of website and classify it into different category such as e-commerce, portfolio, fashion, etc.. by analyzing the content of website.


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